We Share Hope FREELY provides donated food and nonfood items to 39 communities throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. This is possible with the help of over 95 committed partners. The homeless, children living in poverty, the elderly, disabled, underemployed, and the working poor are our top priorities. We Share Hope has been given the authority through the IRS by the Federal Government to locate, gather, and distribute food to groups that feed the poor. This authority given to WSH can be used in all 50 states.

We do not get involved with any controversial issues, politics, or religion.

  • The question we are asked most frequently is are you the R.I. Food Bank? Good question. Let’s take a moment to explain the answer.
  • NO. We are not affiliated with The R.I. Food Bank.  The R.I. Food Bank is a member of the national food bank network referred to as Feeding America.  There are approximately 200 franchises in the United States.  The R.I. Food Bank is one of these franchises.  Members of their network purchase food from the Food Bank. They have approximately 48 paid employees.  They are open Monday thru Friday, and closed weekends and holidays.
  • Those we serve are hungry every day, therefore our mission requires that we work seven (7) days a week, frequently long hours.
  • Our tasks are physically demanding and are performed by our dedicated volunteers and employees.
  • The commodity we gather is getting scarcer and more expensive, it is an essential for life itself, YET we give food FREELY to those in need.
  •  The number of food and nonfood item donors, the amount, quality, and variety of donations is continually growing.


We are not restricted by the cost of food, but only by our operating expenses with most of the costs going toward operating our donated vehicles and the rental of larger trucks as needed. If you believe what we are doing is important, YOU CAN HELP by making a donation or sending a monthly contribution to: We Share Hope, 624 Main Street, Warren, RI 02885