About the We Share Hope Vehicle Donation Program

We Share Hope’s community of committed individuals uses the proceeds from your car donation to provide food to organizations that feed the poor, distressed, and the underprivileged. We work around the clock, every day of the year, to make sure that the proceeds of your vehicle donation do the most work in our local communities. When you donate a car to We Share Hope, we make a commitment to serve and perform our primary mission to end hunger. As the need for food in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts area changes, so do we. In order to remain as nimble and as strong as possible, we ask for your help. If you have an old car, truck, boat or other vehicle taking up much needed space in your driveway, consider donating it to We Share Hope. Each car donation to We Share Hope is maximized by our team of vehicle donation specialists, earning you the biggest tax deduction for your charitable contribution (We Share Hope is a 501(3)(c) tax exempt organization) and the most money to make the biggest impact in our community. We don’t take your gift lightly and hope that we can all work together to help fill our food pantries and shelters with food for everyone in need.


Help us end hunger through vehicle donation to We Share Hope today..


What type of donated vehicles do we accept?

We accept all vehicles no matter the condition:








Box Trucks

Boats on Trailers (all donated boats must be on trailers, in order for us to accept them)

Do you have a vehicle that’s not listed here? Call us and we can help!


Do I get a tax deduction for my car donation?

Every vehicle donor will receive a receipt for their taxes.  We Share Hope is a 501(3)(c) recognized non profit organization, which means that the IRS allows you to take a charitable deduction for your contribution.  For individual information, please consult your tax advisor.


For more information on how to donate a vehicle or start your donation over the phone, call 1-855-493-7427 and speak to a car donation customer service representative.

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