Every dollar helps us rescue and deliver 15 pounds of food


We Share Hope provides food and nonfood items freely to the poor. We provide meals to community organizations at a fraction of the cost of purchasing food from the Food Bank. Your support helps to keep our trucks up and running 7 days a week, so we can get food and nonfood items to where it is most needed. No donation is too small; every donation makes a difference.

$10 provide is 150 meals to the hungry.

$50 allows us to cover our refrigeration costs for a week

$100 covers the cost of fuel for our whole fleet of trucks for a day

$300 pays for a truck rental that recovers 5,000 pounds of food


We Share Hope is a registered 501c3, and all donations are fully tax-deductable.

We Share Hope is committed to using every donation effectively and transparently, so that every person is confident knowing their donation had the maximum impact on ending hunger in Rhode Island. Over 98% of your donations goes straight to our core programs.


Donate by Mail
Checks can be made payable to We Share Hope and sent to:

We Share Hope 

The Joseph W. Martin Memorial Home

624 Main Street

Warren, RI 02855

In-Kind Donation
If you would like to donate goods or services to help We Share Hope feed the hungry, please email us at wesharehope2016@gmail.com

Our Donor Privacy Policy

We Share Hope respects your privacy. We will not share, sell or trade our donors’ personal or contact information.