We Share Hope, a Rhode Island based food rescuer is unique from other organizations in that its role is to locate, gather, and distribute food to groups that feed the poor, distressed, and the under privileged. 

The homeless, children in poverty, the elderly, disabled, and the poor are our top priorities.

We share what we have been given with those who are in need.
A Rhode Island based food rescuer, needs your help to end hunger.



Today’s Featured Partners

Lorraine Burns / St.Theresa’s Ministry Center

Lorraine Burns / St.Theresa’s Ministry Center

Lorraine Burns, St. Theresa’s Food Pantry Lorraine Burns continues her very important works of mercy for those in need at St. Teresa’s Ministry Center; she is to be congratulated for all the great work she has done and continues to do for the poor of our Community. St. Teresa’s Ministry Center is a Faith Based Community serving our local area. We offer our clients choice foods, good

James P. Egan and Karen P. Gallagher

James P. Egan and Karen P. Gallagher

James P. Egan, CRT Birch Vocational and Karen P. Gallagher, CRT Mt. Pleasant HIgh School My name is James P. Egan and I am a Teacher of Special Needs adolescents at the Harold A Birch Vocational Center at Mount Pleasant High School. Each Friday, students with special needs from Birch Vocational fill backpacks with food and discretely deliver them to students throughout our building who do

A Testimonial

Lorraine Burns

TESTIMONIAL:  “We Share Hope has made an enormous difference in the amount of bread and fresh produce that we can provide to our clients.  They’ve made an impact.”

-Lorraine Burns, President of St. Theresa’s Food Pantry